is comprised of a dedicated knowledgeable group of businessmen and their associates that are employed for the purpose of  manufacturing and selling industrial products and technical services to the chemical, refinery and petrochemical industry.

eSalesmen are independent businessmen and engineers that have demonstrated, throughout their long careers in the industry, their exemplary ability to provide products and services to the industries they serve.

On average eSalesmen have in excess of twenty-five years of experience servicing their industrial network of customers.

eSalesmen businessmen know the importance of helping their customers establish eCatlogs of products that will always meet or exceed their requirements.

eSalesmen have engineers and technical consultants employed by the companies they represent as well as independent engineers and technical consultants for hire that are available for all phases of project work, design, application, inspection, training, and for failure analysis and prevention.

eSalesmen are considered by many of their customers to be experts in sealing and protection products, mechanical seals, valves and valve automation, pumps and pump parts, shafts, sleeves, filtration, instrumentation, flanges, fasteners, pipe fittings, couplings, steam traps and many other industrial products.

Our order entry system made available toeSalesmen, their clients, vendors, and/or manufacturers is truly unique in concept and function.

For details send E-mail to Info@Esalesmen.Com